Edgeshade is a pack of two shaders for Cinema 4D. SoftEdge enables you to easily soften hard edges on your objects during rendering. DrawEdge gives you advanced control for drawing wireframes of your objects.

These shaders work by examining the edges of polygons, so a fairly clean quad mesh is required*. CAD models and models comprised mainly of tris will typically not work*.

* UPDATE 2015-01-31 - Clean geometry is no longer required with the SoftEdge raytrace mode, available in version 1.04.012 for R14 and higher.

Version 1.02 adds support for Inner and Outer edges, and adds a color gradient and directional distortion to DrawEdge.

Version 1.04 (R14 and higher) adds a new SoftEdge mode - raytrace. Unlike the previous method which examined edges and polygons, the new raytrace mode does not require clean geometry, and it's even capable of softening edges between two separate objects.

Please note that you will have to tune the settings a bit more for the new raytrace mode. In particular you will likely have to open up the min and max angles.

Check out the video here: SoftEdge raytraced mode.

EdgeShade is now available for free for Cinema 4D versions 15 and higher.

Get it here

EdgeShade OverviewMP425.63MB
DrawEdge angleMOV148KB

With Softedge (001)JPG63KB
Without Softedge (001)JPG60KB
Cardboard Box (without SoftEdge)JPG240KB
Cardboard Box (with SoftEdge)JPG182KB


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