Current Version
R20:       1.04.051
R14-R19:   1.03.211
R13:       1.02.143
R12:       1.00.032
R11.5:     1.00.022
Enhance:C4D is a set of 178 procedural 3D and 2D shaders for Cinema 4D. The complete shader set allows the creation of an infinite number of different textures, patterns and surfaces. In addition all of the textures parameters can be animated so that many different special effects can be generated.


Display The Enhance:C4D Display shader includes 3 different display types for creating stylized displays like those on digital watches and clocks, scoreboards, bulletins and so on. Creates digital letters, numbers, and other characters.

Distort The Enhance:C4D Distort shader includes 8 types of distortion which are applied to the input channel or sub-texture creating specialized effects such as kaleidoscope, pinch, polar, and others.

Fractal The Enhance:C4D Fractal shader creates 15 different types of self-similar, fragmented forms.

Geometric The Enhance:C4D Geometric shader includes 19 geometric shapes.

Noise The Enhance:C4D Noise shader includes 29 types of noise.

Organic The Enhance:C4D Organic shader creates 26 types of fantastically customizable organic surfaces and effects.

Panels The Enhance:C4D Panels shader includes 6 types of panels for creating weathered panels, clean panels, panels with or without dirty (or clean) rivets.

Skin The Enhance:C4D Skin shader includes 11 powerful types of skin for reptiles, humans, monsters and others forms flesh.

Space The Enhance:C4D Space shader includes 15 different procedurals for all your sci-fi & outer space scenes.

Tiles The Enhance:C4D Tiles shader creates 40 types of tiles and patterns for all your flooring and panelling needs.

Water The Enhance:C4D Water shader includes 6 different types of water shaders for creating puddles, rain, bodies of water such as lakes or oceans, surf, and more.

Enhance:C4D Lite

Enhance:C4D Lite is available for download now.

Enhance:C4D Lite is a small subset of fully functional shaders from the full Enhance:C4D shader pack.
The included shaders are listed below:

DisplayDot Matrix
FractalX Flame
SkinFrog Skin
TilesBasket, Fish Scales, and Mosaic
WaterDrip Drop

Enhance:C4D Lite is available in the Downloads section below.

Requirements: Cinema 4D R11.5 and higher
Win32, Win64, OS X
Price: $ 99.00 USD
Cinema 4D Serial:
You will typically receive your plugin serial number and a download link via email within a few minutes of the completion of your purchase, but may take longer. Please be sure to check the email account that was used with PayPal. Use the support form if you don't receive your information within a few hours. Also, please make sure that you check your email account's spam folder.

The price above is for a single license only. For a multi license, or to inquire about bulk discounts, please use the support form. If you are using Maxon's License Server, do NOT click "Buy Now" - a single user license will NOT work.

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Enhance:C4D Lite for C4D 9.6+ZIP888KB
Enhance:C4D Lite for C4D 8.5+ZIP563KB
Enhance:C4D Lite for C4D R11ZIP1.37MB
Enhance:C4D Lite for C4D R11.5ZIP1.46MB
Enhance:C4D Lite for C4D R12ZIP1.02MB
Enhance:C4D Lite for C4D R13ZIP2.52MB
Enhance:C4D Lite for C4D R14ZIP1.40MB
Enhance:C4D Lite for C4D R15+ZIP1.46MB
Enhance:C4D Lite for C4D R20ZIP1.63MB

Shader Catalog (by Rui Batista)ZIP3.59MB

Remapping DemoSWF3.81MB

Thumbnail Preview 01JPG130KB
Thumbnail Preview 02JPG138KB
Thumbnail Preview 03JPG148KB
Thumbnail Preview 04JPG100KB
Animation ControlsJPG80KB
Color Controls (Tile)JPG72KB

Thumbnail SceneZIP2.25MB


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