Lumen 2

Current Version
R15-R17: 2.00.207
R14:     2.00.204
R12-R13: 2.00.171
R11.5:   2.00.165
R11:     2.00.165
R10.1:   2.00.158
Lumen is a tool for Cinema 4D capable of producing advanced lighting and general purpose cloning. Several attributes of each cloned light or object can be directly varied with the use of shaders and textures.

Lumen also comes with a Skydome object and 4 shaders designed to enhance Lumen's functionality.

Lumen does not require any additional modules, only the Cinema 4D core.

Lumen 2 for R12 and higher can be downloaded for free in the Downloads section below. If you would like a copy of Lumen for an older version of Cinema 4D, send your request through the support form.

There is also a new open-source python plugin named pyDome, which can be used for loading sIBL files. Find out more at

Lumen 2 - Features

* Align clones to Points, Edges, Polygons, or Polygon Area.
* 10 Texture Controlled Variations.
* Cloning on objects outside of Lumen's hierarchy.
* Skydome Object for fast and easy lighting.

Lumen comes with example scenes* for everything in the Video section below. The videos are in Quicktime H.264 format.

The downloads in the Tutorials section all contain scene files* and videos in Quicktime H.264 format.

*HDRI images are not included.

Check out the Online Manual.

Lumen 2 is available for Cinema 4D versions 10.1 through 16: Win32, Win64, OS X UB 32, and OS X UB 64.

Lumen 2.00.165 and 2.00.171 for R11 through R16 now includes SmartIBL support!
Simply open an ibl file in Cinema 4D like any other 3D object and Lumen will display a dialog with some simple settings and then prepare your scene using the SmartIBL images.

There is also a new open-source python plugin named pyDome, which can be used for loading sIBL files. Find out more at

Lumen 2.00.171 - R12/R13ZIP888KB
Lumen 2.00.204 - R14ZIP719KB
Lumen 2 Example ScenesZIP1.44MB
Lumen 2.00.207 - R15+ZIP411KB

Connect ClonesZIP3.17MB
Skydome ObjectZIP29.81MB
Polygon AreaZIP12.83MB
xPoint 2DZIP16.74MB
xPoint 3D (1)ZIP5.03MB
xPoint 3D (2)ZIP20.28MB
Spline CloningZIP6.83MB
Target VariationZIP11.06MB
Light StreakZIP7.35MB
Object ColorZIP3.64MB

Lumen 2 ManualPDF2.03MB

Edge OffsetMOV930KB
Joint DeformationMOV271KB
Lumen + Lumen + StreakMOV822KB
Lumen x 3 + StreakMOV169KB
Pin Box AnimationMOV5.43MB
Deformed SplineMOV482KB
Lumen and 3D NoiseMOV1.27MB
xPoint 3D - Linear ShapeMOV495KB
xPoint 3D - Sphere ShapeMOV400KB


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